2014 Haiku Tanka Senryu Contest results



HAIKU    (Judge: Michele Root-Bernstein)


First Place ($100)


cherries in bloom…

the delicate application

of makeup to bruise

     Scott Mason

Second Place ($50)



folding lilac scent

into his burial flag

Cezar-Florin Ciobica

Third Place ($25)


shifting expectations dandelion fluff

     Carolyn Hall


Honorable Mentions   (not ranked)

dusk on the mountaintop as if I had wings 

     Renee Owen


forgotten garden 

a fig tree enters

the fog

     Ernest Berry


solar eclipse 

your halo

slips a little

     Tracy Davidson


TANKA    (Judge: Michael McClintock)


First Place ($100)



joys of a tropic childhood

she startles him

by taking off her clothes

to dance naked in the rain

      Kirsty Karkow

Second Place


to use a walker

or cane

she leans on me

for the first time in her life

      Janet Lynn Davis

Third Place

each day

a little more is learned --

the names

of various beasts

and why the milk maid cries

      Kirsty Karkow

Honorable Mentions (not ranked)

a new day  

shall we grab it


and throw fresh popcorn

to the grubbling ducks?


      Kirsty Karkow


would literature 

have suffered greatly?

picture Juliet

leaning from the balcony

to shout go away


      Kirsty Karkow

SENRYU    (Judge  Jim Kacian)


First Place ($100)

my fence

and my neighbor’s

don’t quite meet

      Brad Bennett

Second Place

fan dance

her every

hair in place

      John Stevenson

Third Place



a fork in the road . . .

she opens the map

while I read GPS



Honorable Mentions (not ranked)


A crow

among the seagulls

tourist season

      Garry Gay

air horn—

a warning for someone

much farther away

      John Stevenson

three days

to stabilize

his health insurance

      John Stevenson

Guernseys turn

into the wind

dairy air

      Lesley Anne Swanson