2016 Rengay contest

2016 Rengay (Judge:  Tanya McDonald)


First Place ($100)

Grand Arcade


Simon Hanson, Queensland, Australia

Beverley George, New South Wales, Australia



an old tram rattles past

shopfront windows                                                                         Simon


Haigh’s chocolates dance

in reflected squares of light                                       Beverley


Pier hotel

colourful birds chatter

in the beer garden                                                        Simon


grand arcade

little fingers smear the brass

of stairwell railings                                                                          Beverley


an art deco chandelier

graces the Odeon foyer                                                                 Simon



the thump of cricket bats

the spires of St Peters                                                                     Beverley


Second Place

Giving Thanks


Sarah Welch, Sammamish, WA

Michael Dylan Welch, Sammamish, WA


rising sun—

the frozen turkey

set out to bake                                                                                  Sarah


         a new chip

         in the best china                                                         Michael


the doorbell rings—

a speck of blood

on the potato peeler                                                                      Sarah


napkins unfolded—

we keep passing

the green bean casserole                                           Michael


         on his cell phone

         father checks the football score                           Sarah


setting sun—

a pumpkin pie

warm from the oven                                                                       Michael



Third Place

Page Turners


John Thompson, Arroyo Grande, CA

Renée Owen, Sebastopol, CA


cabin retreat

I enter the book’s world

completely                                                                                         John


book of bottle caps

my small thoughts                                                        Renée


his library heroes

unable to contain themselves—

toppled bookends                                                        John


calling in Poirot

sticky fingerprints

on her bookshelf                                                           Renée


tattered cookbooks

pages stained & splattered                                       John


mini-skirted speedster

the policeman struggles

to play by the book                                                                         Renée



Honorable Mentions (not ranked)

Purple Haze


John Thompson, Arroyo Grande, CA

Renée Owen, Sebastopol, CA


bearded iris

making me forget

my hurry                                                                           John


humming Hendrix tunes

in the slow lane                                                                                 Renée


wheelless wheelbarrow

an abandoned poem’s

rusty patina                                                                                        John


Woolworth’s counter

he drinks Nehi

from the bottle                                                                                 Renée


crossword puzzle—

what’s a word for purple?                                          John


fried eggplant

we draw straws for grandma’s

cast iron skillet                                                                                  Renée



Rocking Chair


Ruth Yarrow, Ithaca, NY

Michael Dylan Welch, Sammamish, WA

Emiko Miyashita, Tokyo, Japan


the rocking chair’s

rhythmic squeak—

the baby finally burps                                                                     Ruth


          the museum chair

          with missing wickerwork                                      Michael


the chair he sits in

talking about torture—

his face shaded                                                                                 Emiko


          from a deep armchair

          grandma struggles to stand                                 Ruth


our highchair

boxed back up—

endless rain                                                                                        Michael


          a telephone cord stretched

          to the love seat                                                         Emiko