HPNC Books

Haiku Poets of Northern California: Publications Fundraiser!

For Book sales contact:  Joseph Robello,jwrobello [at] hotmail.com.  IPlease, when purchasing one book include 2 checks: one for the cost of the book, made payable to HPNC and one payable to Renee Owen - $1.50 for shipping.  Contact Renee regarding shipping for more than one book. When emailing Renee, put "HPNC Book Sales" in the subject line.

The first section lists the available chapbooks from HPNC's "Two Autumns Books" series. Each chapbook is a companion to the annual Two Autumns Reading event, which features four poets. The four poets featured each year are listed.

The second section lists available copies of HPNC's Mariposa, membership journal,  contributors to these are many and varied.

The third section are Anthologies edited by members of HPNC

Please note: Asterisks after pricing designate publications that have especially few copies remaining.

Also, if you want to see sold out issues, most are available for viewing at the American Haiku Archives, see: http://www.americanhaikuarchives.org/ and the address is: Library and Courts II Building - 900 N Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

Also, be advised: There is an ALL THE TIME SPECIAL - if you place an order for more than one HPNC book - only the first will cost full price. You can get $1 off each additional book in that same order.