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Cherry Blossom Ginko

HPNC Cherry Blossom Ginko

March 20, 2011 (Sunday)



March 20, 2011, Japanese Tea Garden at Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA

(from left:  Maxine Grodjinsky, Susan Antolin, Linda Papanicolaou, Paul Watsky, Fay Aoyagi, Susan Diridoni, Gary Gach, Garry Gay

(a photo taken by Carolyn Hall)


Fortunately, we had a nice weather on March 20, 2011.   It was a little bit early for full blossoms, but we enjoyed the sunny afternoon at Japanese Tea garden.


The following are sample haiku of that day.


cherry blossom cloud—

how long will it last

this pledge to remain grateful

            Susan Antolin


tumbling out

my blossom memories

filling wih sun

               Susan Diridoni


oohs and aahs
in a foreign tongue
cherry blossom cloud

               Carolyn Hall


my far-away home

double-petal blossoms

bending in the wind

                Fay Aoyagi


At the nearby restaurant, we did a haiku exercise called ‘fukuro-mawashi’ 
(direct translation will be ‘passing a bag).


There is a word written on each envelope and a poet must use it.


south” or “road

(these were selected because of a name of the restaurant)


Taking the south road

I start my adventure with

a wandering moon

Garry Gay



cherry blossom thief

(one of many ‘blossom’ kigo from a Japanese saijiki.  The meaning is ‘a person who steals a blossoming cherry branch.’)


call me
a blossom thief--
sunny morning

Linda Papanicolaou


(a day before was ‘supermoon’;  the moon was closest to the earth in 19 years)



earth mother

hugs her child

            Maxine Grodjinsky