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Haiku for D. Claire Gallagher



searching for targets

among the freckles


                                    -        Patrick Gallagher




hers the loudest laugh in the room anthurium


                    -        Carolyn Hall



river of stars

the brightest burn

all through the dark night


                                    -        Renee Owen



maple leaves

I bury a can

filled with her laughter


                                       -         Fay Aoyagi

Mariposas. . .

   the last one

      gone bloomin' with her


-          vincent tripi



Blue heron rises

her wings salute the day…

wonders still to see


-          William Scott Galasso



I so miss Claire. Such a fine poet and such a good friend. And so many events where we  shared our thoughts and haiku: HPNC or Yuki Teikei meetings, Asilomar, at Pat and Claire’s home, Haiku North America, and many other places. Claire often led ginkos and other sorts of nature walks through the coastal hills south of San San Francisco and elsewhere. One time in particular sticks in my memory. A place close to where I lived in Woodside. Prior to the ginko, Claire had staked out places where we were to stop and search for things that had inspired her.

a yellow ribbon

tied to a twisted madrone

her laughter still clear

-          Christopher Herold