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If you would like to send mail to webmaster (fayaoyagi [at] 

HPNC Contact Information:

President:   Susan Antolin susantolin [at]
Vice President:   Fay Aoyagi Fay Aoyagi
Treasurer:   Paul Miller pauldmiller [at]
Membership Secretary:   Carolyn Hall carolynhall.sf [at]
Newsletter Editor:   Susan Dridoni smdridoni [at]
Mariposa Editor:   Eba Story ebbastory [at]
  Susan Antolin susantolin [at]
Book Sales:   Susan Dridoni smdridoni [at]
Hospitality Chair:   Michael Sheffild mscoach [at]
Webpage Manager:   Fay Aoyagi fayaoyagi [at]
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