Newsletter #68 (Winter 2013)

Minutes of the Winter Meeting of the Haiku Poets of Northern California, Room C-235, Fort Mason, San Francisco CA, January 27, 2013:

The meeting was opened by outgoing president Sue Antolin at 1:40 p.m. Present were the following people: Susan Antolin, Fay Aoyagi, Betty Arnold, Jerry Ball, Claudia Chapline, Patrick Gallagher, Kate Godsey, Johnnie Johnson Hafernik, Judy Halebsky, Carolyn Hall, Christine Horner, Patricia Machmiller, Renée Owen, Joseph Robello, Judith Shallberger, Michael Sheffield, Carol Steele, Michèle Turchi, Alison Woolpert, and Marian Yap. The meeting began with a round of poems.

Sue Antolin passed around postcards printed with the dates of the HPNC events planned for the year. Members not present at the meeting will receive one along with their copy of the winter newsletter. Sue hopes the postcard will serve as a handy reference for HPNC members throughout the year. One date to add to the list of events is a party in honor of the Two Autumns readers on September 21 at Claudia Chapline’s Stinson Beach gallery and sculpture garden. The gallery is thirty minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge, close to the beach and mountain trails.

Sue then presented the new slate of officers for 2013 as follows: Fay Aoyagi, President; Garry Gay, Vice President; Sue Antolin, Newsletter Editor; Carolyn Hall, Membership Secretary; and Paul Miller, Treasurer. Everyone present approved the new slate with a show of hands. No one opposed. After thanking everyone for their contributions to HPNC over the past two years, Sue turned the meeting over to our new president, Fay Aoyagi.

Fay introduced our featured reader, Patrick Gallagher, who is a past president of HPNC, the web master for the Yuki Teikei Haiku Society, and one of the primary organizers of the Haiku Pacific Rim conference held in September 2012. Fay also playfully noted that Patrick throws great parties, having hosted last year’s HPNC moonviewing party on his rooftop garden in San Francisco. From Patrick’s reading:

light from the desk lamp
Grandmother deals another game
of solitaire

beautiful lakes
with no names

flute music
from the temple
we cannot enter

Following the reading, Fay made several announcements and invited others to share their news of upcoming events and new publications. Fay reminded us of the March 1 deadline for submitting to Mariposa (see the back page of the newsletter for submission guidelines), as well as the dates for the next Haiku North America conference, which will be held August 14-18 on the Queen Mary in Long Beach. Details are online at The deadline for submitting proposals for presentations is February 28.

Fay also announced that the HPNC newsletter will be delivered electronically beginning in 2014. During 2013 we will continue to print and mail the paper newsletter as well as begin posting it online. Fay also noted that we will no longer collect poems from everyone at the meetings to print in the newsletter. This will allow those who attend HPNC meetings to send their work to Mariposa and other journals without the worry that the poems they contribute for the newsletter will be ineligible for consideration.

Carolyn Hall passed around a copy of her new collection of haiku, The Doors All Unlocked, published by Red Moon Press and available for purchase either from the Red Moon Press website or from Carolyn directly (see the order form posted under Member’s News at

Bruce Feingold announced that he will be doing a haiku and tanka reading together with Cherie Hunter Day, David Rice, and Jeanne Lupton on February 6 at 7 p.m. at St. Alban’s Episcopal Church in Albany.

Claudia Chapline invited everyone to attend a double book launch party at her studio in Stinson Beach on February 17 from 2-4 p.m. to celebrate the publication of two memoirs, one of which is Claudia’s Falling Up the Stairs. Also, the Bolinas/Stinson Beach Library Improvement Society will offer free haiku workshops by
Claudia Chapline for all levels, 5-6:30 p.m. on April 8, 15, 22, and 29. To register, email or call 415-868-2308.

Patricia Machmiller announced a haiga workshop entitled “Wild Heart Workshop” combining painting, poetry and calligraphy on March 16 in Los Altos. The instructors will be Floy Zittin (painting), Patricia Machmiller (haiku), and Martha Dahlen (calligraphy). For additional information, contact Floy Zittin at
Judy Halebsky, attending her first HPNC meeting, shared information about a haiku festival hosted by a haiku group she was a part of when she lived in Japan. The festival, which is offered free of charge to anyone who makes the trip to Japan, will take place October 8-12, 2013 in Tokyo and Kamakura and will include visits to places of particular interest to haiku poets (contact Judy for details at

After a break for socializing, refreshments, and time to visit the book table, Fay began the afternoon workshop, which was an activity called “fukuromawashi.” The word “fukuro” means a bag or container, and “mawashi” means to pass around. Fay had a stack of envelopes that she prepared in advance with one word pasted onto each envelope. Most of the words were spring season words, such as seaweed, asparagus, Chinese New Year, bird’s nest, and butterfly. Other envelopes had topics, such as stationery, or non-season words, such as button, cul-de-sac, or giraffe. The challenge of the exercise was to write at least one haiku per envelope in a three-minute time limit, and then pass the envelope to the person next to you and immediately get to work on another envelope until everyone had written a haiku for every envelope. For the writing portion of the workshop, we broke into small groups. Afterwards, we returned to the large circle and each of us took one or two envelopes full of haiku from our small groups and selected the best poems to read aloud to everyone. The results included many lighthearted haiku and some surprisingly good quality poems for such a fast-paced writing exercise. One that elicited the most applause and laughter was this one by Patrick Gallagher:

a button comes off
in the fukuroma
washi machine

The meeting adjourned at 4:40.

Submitted by Susan Antolin

The HPNC Membership Roster for 2013 will be mailed with the spring newsletter. Please contact our membership secretary, Carolyn Hall (carolynhall.sf[at], if you wish to make changes to your listing in last year’s roster. If you are a new member, please let her know what information (phone number, address, email) you would like included in the roster.
Changes to the Fort Mason parking fees and system will go in effect March 1.

Payment for parking will be made at automated payment stations when you park your car (not when you leave the lot). Rates will also go up from $10 per day to $12.

HPNC’s Facebook page is a convenient place to find photos from past events as well as updates and reminders for future activities. To find the HPNC page, log in to Facebook and search “Haiku Poets of Northern California.”

Explore the HPNC website! There are all sorts of great resources on our website, including the up-to-date schedule of events, contest guidelines, contest-winning poems along with comments from the judges, information on how and when to submit to Mariposa, and on and on… Many thanks to our web master and new president, Fay Aoyagi!