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2011 Haiku Senryu Tanka Rengay Contests Result

2011 Haiku Senryu Tanka Rengay Contest Results


HAIKU    (Judge: Christopher Herold)



First Place ($100)


you can forget

how to ride a bike

           autumn leaves


                        Carolyn Hall

                        San Francisco, CA


Second Place ($50)


wildfire the night sky full of pine


                         Ernest J. Berry

                        Picton, New Zealand




Third Place ($25)


mist at dawn

from the other side

a loon’s call


                        Roland Packer

                        Hamilton, ON, Canada



Honorable Mentions   (ranked)


deepening twilight

no way to answer

the grosbeak’s song


  Carolyn Hall

                        San Francisco, CA



a long list of regrets the maple in autumn


  Carolyn Hall

                        San Francisco, CA



SENRYU    (Judge: Scott Mason)


First Place ($100)


death notice my first wife’s second husband


                        Joseph Robello

                        Novato, CA


Second Place


she lowers her voice

when she says it



               Carolyn Hall

                        San Francisco, CA


Third Place


annoyed with myself static cling


                   Francine Banwarth

Dubuque,  IA


Honorable Mentions (not ranked)


old friends

content to wait

for whatever


  John Stevenson

Nassau, NY



unblinking eyes

of the fortune-telling gypsy

penny arcade


               Andre Surridge

                        Hamilton, New Zealand



aquarium piranhas

a toddler’s nose

pressed to the glass

                             Carolyn Hall

                            San Francisco, CA


chimpanzees whisper:

they’re just

like us


  Bill Pauly

Dubuque,  IA

TANKA    (Judge: Roberta Beary)


First Place ($100)


mid-autumn night…

the wind whispers to me

Chinese words

that offer me a home

in the shape of a moon


                        Chen-ou Liu

                        Ajax, ON, Canada


Second Place


our favorite walk

by the river –

deep in conversation

we cover

the same old ground


                        Cara Holman

                        Portland, OR


Third Place


her toothbrush

in my medicine chest

declares residency…

gazing at the mirror

a face hard to recognize


                        Chen-ou Liu

                        Ajax, ON, Canada


Honorable Mentions (not ranked)


on the porch

reaching for moonlight

I find it


on my fingertips


                        Lesley Swanson

                        Coopersburg, PA



closing the door

leaning back

against it –

a small room

for the night

                        Michael McClintock   

                        Clovis, CA



playing hide and seek

I was always afraid

I’d never be found

wild geese fly north

in a perfect V


                        Margaret Chula


 Rengay    (Judge: Renee Owen)             

First Place ($100)

The Last Word


Tracy Koretsky, Bellevue, WA

Kala Ramesh, Pune, India

Garry Gay, Santa Rosa, CA


record heat—

I let her have

the last word                     Tracy


echoing in silence

the weight of thoughts Kala


crossword puzzle

only so many ways

to say autumn                   Garry


everything I intend

in a sun-dappled kiss      Tracy


I pause

to listen in the rain

. . . notes of a flute          Kala


lost dialect

a lizard doing pushups   Garry



Second Place

The Space Between


Carolyne Rohrig, Fremont, CA

Christopher Herold, Port Townsend, WA


wooden bowl

wIth chopsticks I pluck out

the last grain of rice                        Christopher


a hawk

balancing on the wind                    Carolyne


electric blanket

I no longer turn on

her side of the bed                         Christopher


last line

the actor fades

to black                                                                Carolyne


the space between

here and the moon                         Christopher


modern art exhibit

a bare room

attracts the crowd                           Carolyne



Third Place


At the Edge


Linda Papanicolaou, Stanford, CA

sprite (Claire Chatelet), London, UK


early snow—

the trunks of aspen

by a hunter’s moon                        Linda


bruised pine needles

perfume the air                                                sprite


harness bells—

the beard on the Santa Claus

slightly askew                                    Linda


upside down

in hanging silver balls

the cat’s face                                     sprite


an ember pops

as we let the fire die                       Linda


nothing ever

quite as it first appears—

tomorrow’s game                            sprite



Honorable Mentions (not ranked)


Sliding into Place


Beverley George, Pearl Beach, Australia

David Terelinck, Alexandria, Australia


first spring day

green tea travelling

spout to cup                                       Beverley


                languid drift

                of words and wisteria    David


a book face down

on the wooden steps . . .

distant bell                                          Beverley



                in the slip of your sash

                full moon rising                 David


a screen sliding into place,

a silk fan folding                                Beverley


                supple footfall

                upon polished floorboards—

                nightingales sing               David



Two Fat Spaniels


Michael Dylan Welch, Sammamish, WA

Amelia Fielden, Buff Point, NSW, Australia


weekend getaway—

the smell of the sea

at the ferry dock                                              Michael


                in the queue a woman

                drenched in Diorissimo                  Amelia


laundry day—

she calls my dirty socks

toxic                                                                      Michael


grey smoke belching

from lumber mill chimneys—

rain in the pines                                                                Amelia


                a picture of roses

                at the olfactory museum              Michael

a lavender border

along the wedding path

two fat spaniels                                                                Amelia