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2012 Haiku Tanka Senryu Contest Result



HAIKU    (Judge: Don Wentworth)


First Place ($100)


leaf color of an old song turning


John Stevenson



Second Place ($50)


death notice

daylilies divided

for another garden


Michele Root-Bernstein


Third Place ($25)


spring thaw

the stone Buddha

still still


John Soules


Honorable Mentions   (not ranked)



after such a long time

saying yes


Gregory Longenecker


which way out¾

the exterminator points

with his spray tip


Scott Mason


TANKA    (Judge: Adelaide Shaw)


First Place ($100)


knowing sorrow

won’t go sailing

or for a swim

I take a long walk

to the cliffs and back


Michael McClintock



Second Place



the morning egg

I work through

yesterday’s sedation

and my gift of bad news



Michael McClintock


Third Place


sixteen next week

boys looking twice–

the wobble

on your bike

as you learn to steer


Lesley Anne Swanson



Honorable Mentions (not ranked)


paper dictionary

I search for the right word

to intrigue you

morning glory

slow to unfold



Garry Gay


I felt the glory

wrapped in the wind

and the sun

traveling alone

at about the second mile


Michael McClintock


a black rope

hangs from our childhood tree

the sound in her chest


than a winter gust


Chen-Ou Liu



SENRYU    (Judge: Dee Evetts)


First Place ($100)


before we say good morning the electoral map



Bruce H. Feingold


Second Place



now that the fence has blown down

we wave



Rich Krivcher


Third Place



I elicit a wink

from her navel



Ernest J. Berry


Honorable Mentions (not ranked)


my mother's walker

still far ahead

of my brother's walker


                Garry Gay


the perfect host––

directions about

where to find the moon



John Stevenson