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2014 Rengay Contest Results


Rengay (Judges:  Beverley George and Ron C Moss)



First Place ($100)

Letter from Home


Susan Antolin, Walnut Creek, CA

Michael Sheffield, Kenwood, CA

Lois Scott, San Francisco, CA


the sound of the TV

bleeds into the kitchen clatter

summer dusk                            Susan


     among the crickets’ chirp

     cheek against soft earth      Michael


raccoons splashing

in the evening garden

star jasmine                              Lois


     after midnight

     a fumbling of keys by the front door




silent passage past my window

the moonlit ship                        Michael


     first light through trees

     footsteps in the hall             Lois


Second Place


A Spill of Moonlight


Carol Judkins, Carlsbad, CA

David Terelinck, Pyrmont, NSW,  Australia


ocean fog

my dreams alive

in seaglass                                           Carol


     the maelstrom

     of Turner’s dark oils                      David


red sky—

drinking songs drift

from a tethered boat                            Carol


     second watch

     the deckhand baptized

     by a spill of moonlight                   David


the sound no sound

of buoy bells                                       Carol


     he calls my name—


     into the wind..                                David



Third Place




Julie Warther, Dover, OH

Angela Terry, Lake Forest Park, WA


pumpkin spiced latte—

clouds swirl

a paper moon                                   Julie


origami passenger pigeons

just to remind us                              Angela


penciling in

the breath marks

Amazing Grace                                Julie


hand made books

trimmed with orange and brown

autumn rain                                      Angela


the wax seal on the envelope

unbroken                                           Julie


a house of cards

with tissue thin walls

other peoples’ lives                           Angela



Honorable Mention  (not ranked)


A Winter’s Tale


Michael Dylan Welch, Sammamish, WA

Sarah Welch, Sammamish, WA


morning light—

a trace of snow

on the neighbour’s crèche            Michael


     granddad steals a gumdrop

     from the gingerbread house    Sarah


crowded mall—

the eyes of carolers

all aglow                                       Michael


mistletoe hung

above the mantle—

empty stocking                             Sarah


     sale flags fluttering

     in the tree lot                           Michael


bronze sunset…

the first Christmas lights

turn on                                         Sarah


Visiting Hours


John Thompson, Santa Rosa, CA

Renée Owen, Sebastopol, CA


hospital silence

I linger to share

the moonrise                            John


       this sliver of hope

       things will be different     Renée       


talk of cancer

rippling in the carp pond

a broken moon                         John


       your ghost…

       or a motionless heron

       fishing in the gloom         Renée   


on a stone bench

stillness & shadow                  John



       waiting for you


       on the opposite shore       Renée    



The Joy of Rain


Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy, United Kingdom

Sahana Shrikaanth, United Kingdom


autumn shower—

a grandma twirls

her umbrella                                            Shrikaanth


each drop on the leaf

reflects a rainbow                                   Sahana


monsoon camp…

slum kids painting in

shades of gray                                        Shrikaanth


splashing puddles

on the way from school

buffaloes                                                Sahana


drops plop plop plopping

on upturned milk pails                          Shrikaanth



crackling in the pan—

thunderbolts                                          Sahana