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2015 Haiku Tanka Senryu contest results



HAIKU    (Judge: Ce Rosenow)


First Place ($100)

winter gathering –

bits of bone too

heavy for the wind

                   paul m, Bristol RI


Second Place ($50)


pine needle path

ordinary words

layered just so

                   Julie Warther, Dover OH


Third Place ($25)


a fire station’s halyard

banging in the wind –

another night of protests

                   paul m, Bristol RI


Honorable Mention (not ranked)


autumn equinox –

a fern curls back

into the earth

                   Julie Warther, Dover OH


his widow’s


early sunset

                   Joseph Robello,Novato CA


sea fog

somewhere else

the right words spoken

                   Sharon Pretti, San Francisco CA



TANKA    (Judge: Margaret Chula)


First Place ($100)


the pieces

of his jigsaw puzzle

litter the floor . . .

winter moonlight slipping

through the hospice window

                   Chen-ou Liu, Ajax, Ontario, Canada


Second Place


the bouquet

i surprised mom with

on her birthday . . .

the pain in her smile

for the 20 bucks i spent

                   Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy, Birmingham, UK


Third Place


worn thin

after all these years

my worry stone

cracks in half—

all my worries set free

                   Lesley Anne Swanson, Coopersburg PA


Honorable Mentions (in order of preference)



a nose hair—

this divorce

more painful

than I thought

                   Susan Burch, Hagerstown MD


this jade plant

all that remains

so like you

to bequeath me

so much sturdy green

                   Donna Buck, Carlsbad CA


your vein-streaked hand

lifts the hem of my dress

. . . barely visible

      beneath frost-burned blooms

      fresh buds on the quince

                   Linda Jeanette Ward, Coinjock N.C.



SENRYU    (Judge: Carlos Colón)


First Place ($100)

baby shower

the curve of her belly

invites us in

                   Carolyn Hall, San Francisco CA


Second Place


first love the ring his ring leaves

                   Julie Warther, Dover OH


Third Place



the pages of the Bible—

two still joined by gilt

                   Julie Warther, Dover OH


Honorable Mentions (in order of preference)


after the nightmare

mother leaves a light on

for the ambulance

                   Tracy Davidson, Warwickshire UK


your enlistment photograph


            as you were


                   Scott Mason, Chappaqua NY


talking to myself

the color of her

last breath

                   Renée Owen, Sebastopol CA


an old Dodge Dart on the front lawn

my neighbor, I wonder

how he lives

                   Rich Krivcher, Citrus Heights CA