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2016 Haiku, Tanka, Senryu contest results



HAIKU    (Judge: Lee Gurga)


First Place ($100)


mint condition

an autumn day

still in the wrapper


John Stevenson

Nassau, NY


Second Place  ($50)


not a window

but a mirror

full cold moon


Neal Whitman

              Pacific Grove, CA




Third Place  ($25)


if swooshes were horses city bus


Scott Mason

Chappaqua, NY


Honorable Mentions (unranked):


each hour

its note

winter solitude


Sharon Pretti

San Francisco, CA


starry night—

after a while we stop

connecting the dots


Christopher Herold

Port Townsend, WA



a layer deeper


John Stevenson

Nassau, NY


TANKA   (Judge:  Marilyn Hazelton)


First Place ($100)  (tie)


my sister

in both my nieces

how the mountain breeze

now carries her across

an autumn field


Karina M Young

Salinas, CA


dried curls

of gray reindeer moss

crunch softly

underneath our boots . . .

no other sound, but breath


Debbie Strange

Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada


Second Place

late sunset

by the ferris wheel

I twirl

the phantom ring

around my finger


Christina Sng



Third Place


out the door and off you go

a quick hug

before the slow embrace

of silence and the night


Lesley Anne Swanson

Coopersburg, PA


Honorable Mention


first day

after retirement

the brush

is dipped deeper

in Chinese ink


Chen-ou Liu

Ajax, Ontario, Canada


SENRYU   (Judge: Ferris Gilli)


First Place  ($100)

support group . . . 

the comfort of the chair

between us


Julie Warther

Dover, OH



Second Place 


the usual 

boy leaves girl story

assisted living


Anita Guenin

San Diego, CA




Third Place:


all lit up 

in the lamp shop window

dead moths


Christopher Herold

Port Townsend, WA



Honorable Mentions (unranked)



we reassure Mom 

it wasn’t her cooking


Christina Sng





moon lecture

he rotates a coffee cup 

around her head


Alison Woolpert

Santa Cruz, CA



blood drive

the hospital offers

valet parking 


              Neal Whitman

              Pacific Grove, CA