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Price without postage

May 1991

Garry Gay, Davie Priebe, Dave Sutter, vincent tripi

A Poppy Blooms

Sold Out

June 1992

James Chessing, Kimberly Cortner, Ebba Story, Kathy White

Summer River


July 1993

Patricia Machmiller, Tom Lynch, Kay F. Anderson, Christopher Herold

Morning Snow


July 1994

Alex Benedict, Jerry Kilbride, Carolyn Talmadge, Ken Tanemura

A White Chrysanthemum


August 1995

Donna Gallagher, Lynne Leach, Zane Parks, Tom Tico

Paper Lantern

Sold Out

August 1996

Dan Brady, Helen K. Davie, Patrick Gallagher, Evelyn Hermann

A Path to the Sea

Sold Out

August 1997

Faye Aoyagi, Alice Benedict, David Rice, Laurie Stoelting

Beneath Cherry Blossoms

Sold Out

August 1998

Anne Noman, Jeffrey McKay, Marianna Monaco, Paul Watsky

First Dream

Sold Out

August 1999

June Hopper Hymas, John Leonard, Carolyne Rohrig, John Thompson

The Sound of the Bell


August 2000

Roger Abe, Laura Bell, Rich Krivcher, Eugenie Waldteufel

Fallen Leaves


August 2001

Carolyn Hall, Kyoko Tokutoni, Paul O. Williams, Karina Young

Floating Dreams

Sold Out

August 2002

Kay Anderson, Michael McClintock, Paul Miller, Earl Johnson

Still Singing

Sold Out

August 2003

Ross Figgins, Patricia Machmiller, W.F. Owen, Ebba Story

One Hundred Gourds


August 2004

Jerry Kilbride, Garry Gay, D. Claire Gallagher & Yvonne Cabalona

Day of Strawberries

Sold Out

August 2005

Patrick Gallagher, Laurie Stoelting, Pamela Miller Ness and.Wangchu Karma Tenzing

If I met Basho

Sold Out

August 2006

Stanford M. Forrester, Susan Antolin, Evelyn H. Hermann, John Thompson

Still Speaking of Wind


September 2007

Jerry Ball, Laura Bell, Mark Hollingsworth, Alison Wolpert

Basho Whispering

Sold Out

September 2008

 Billie Wilson, John Stevenson, Christopher Herold and Fay Aoyagi

moonlight changing direction


September 2009

Garry Gay, David Grayson, Carolyn Hall, Michael Dylan Welch

My Neighbor


August 2010

Roberta Beary, Debora P Kolooji, Victor Ortiz

Ebba Story

Lighting a Candle


September 2011

Lenard D. Moore, Cherie Hunter Day, paul m, Jim Kacian

Light from the Other World