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RENGAY     (Judges: John Stevenson and Ebba Story)


First Place  ($100)




lightning flash—

a bug streak glows

on the windshield


in the night heron’s beak

a wriggling glint of silver


Roman ruin:

the candle sputtering

deep in the tunnel


ten-wheeler hauling sheep

a spark from the nudflaps


graveyard shift—

lighting one digarette

with another


photographin Hiroshima

the sudden flash


            Rich Krivcher

            John Thompson

            Michael Dylan Welch



Honorable Mentions




the Amish quilt

draped over a low branch

dappled sunlight


on the faded checkerboard

red waits to be kinged


worn wooden bowl

a few green apples

from the garden


soda bottle vase

a single stem bouquet

of Queen Anne’s lace


lost orchard ladder

climbed by morning glories


rusty horseshoe

hung high in the walnut tree-

wind borne laughter


            John Thompson

            Garry Gay





morning campfire smoke

rising slowly through the trees—

a distant summit


sunlight spills over the ridge—

our breath clouds disappear


scent of warmed pines . . .

the blue of a jay’s feather

fallen from the sky


constant crescendo

within the waterfall’s veil

a floating rainbow


granite dome h igh above the lake

wind ripples its reflection


boulder hopping

with no set direction

the cricket leaps


            Helen K. Davie

            John Thompson





thick fog

at the crossroads—

twisted oak


silhouetted by chimney smoke,

the neighbour’s weathervane


distant thunderheads—

by the monkey bars

a child’s glove


misty field—

starlings scatter

at the tractor’s backfire


the hammock gently sways

jet trail from tree to tree


for a moment

between your cupped fingers,

my breath cloud


            Jocelyn Conway

            Michael Dylan Welch

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