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HAIKU    (Judges: Renee Owen, Michael Sheffield)

First Place ($100)

the heart
drawn in snow
still falling

Natalia L. Rudychev (Des Plaines, IL)


Second Place  ($50)

and so I agree
not to die before she does—
the sound of crickets

Susan Antolin (Walnut Creek, CA )


Third Place  ($25)

water thrush. . .
as if time never
visited here

Linda Galloway (Encino, CA)


Honorable Mentions (unranked):

mockingbird . . .
  but there ought to be
                a moon


Ellen Compton (Washington DC )

the gazing space
between us empty—
deepening autumn

Linda Galloway (Encino, CA)

this day . . .
snow blossoms
on the plum tree

Linda Galloway (Encino, CA)

higher than the roof
the peace rose planted
three wars ago

Susan Antolin (Walnut Creek, CA )

SENRYU   (Judge: Chuck Brickley)

First Place  ($100)

used bookstore
the creaking stairway
to poetry

John Stevenson (Nassau, NY)


Second Place

corn maze—
we tell the kids
to get lost

Susan Antolin (Walnut Creek, CA)


Third Place

the guest preacher
in his sunday best
passing thunder

Roland Packer (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)


Honorable Mentions (unranked)

  frescoed chapel…
I insert a euro     
     and then there is light


Scott Mason (Chappaqua, NY)

burial plot
the salesman offers
a free will kit

Roland Packer (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)

red lipstick
her laughter at his jokes
louder than mine

Melissa Spurr (Joshua Tree, CA)

sizing me up
the jeweler measures
her ring finger


Tom Painting (Rochester, NY)


TANKA   (Judge:  Jim Wilson)

First Place  ($100)

the late summer sun
pulls down into the ocean
the day’s afterbirth
my sense of waiting too long
for something, for anything

Michael McClintock (Fresno, CA)


Second Place

where the iron bridge
crosses the Platte, shivering,
the cottonwoods
open their leaves for a star
that falls toward the river

Michael McClintock (Fresno, CA)


Third Place

my grandson sleeps
in the baby carrier
the weight
of wanting to live longer
heavy on my shoulders

David Rice (Berkeley, CA)


Honorable Mention (unranked)

enough is enough—
painting the old house
I stop at the eaves
deciding to keep them
cobwebbed and beautiful

Michael McClintock (Fresno, CA)

Sabbath morning
going down to the sea
and raising the sail,
a white prayer
going up to the sky

M. Kei (Perryville, MD)

the heft and weight
of the old butcher tools
that were my father’s—
a distant era of Sundays
and T-bone steaks

Susan Diridoni (Kensington, CA )

RENGAY   (Judge: Ebba Story)

First Place  ($100)   (tied)

“Rainbow Lorikeets”
the colors
of passing cyclists—
autumn wind                         Linda Papanicolaou (Stanford, CA)
rainbow lorikeets gather
after the storm                      Kathy Earsman (Queensland, Australia)
not one penny
in my pocket                         Colin Stewart Jones (Aberdeen, Scotland)
glimpsed through draperies—
Waterford bowl                    Linda
yellow surfboard—
its tilt against the blue
coffin                                    Kathy
darkness pours into
the crescent moon                 Colin
a roll of linoleum
on the side porch—
the scent of rain                    Michael Dylan Welch (Sammamish, WA)
in dry cement
the neighbor’s initials            Alice Frampton (Seabeck, WA)
the coffee table
moved back
over the carpet stain              Michael
cold entry tile—
the UPS man
puts on his jacket                  Alice
the children’s throw rug
now in the trash                    Michael
returning soldier—
leaves pressed
under the welcome mat        Alice

Honorable Mention   (no Second Place and Third Place in 2009)

“Off the Top of Our Heads”
my son’s baseball cap
on backwards—
daylight saving time             Michael Dylan Welch (Sammamish, WA)
a grey fedora
floats downriver                   Alice Frampton (Seabeck, WA)
lowering the visor
on the bike helmet
female cop                            Connie Donleycott (Bremerton, WA)
the line cook’s hairnet
almost falls into the soup      Michael
after midnight
I find the toque
on the snowman                    Alice      
the elastic breaks
on my birthday hat                Connie

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