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HAIKU    (Judge: Paul MacNeil)


First Place ($100)


mackerel sky—

the final wave

before you board


Earl Keener

Bethany, West Virginia


Second Place  ($50)


         Hiroshima Day

cigarette-pack cellophane



Claire Gallagher

Sunnyvale, California


Third Place  ($25)


end of summer

my garden

in one wheelbarrow


Margaret Chula

Portland, Oregon




Honorable Mentions (unranked)


Valentine’s morning—

returning redpolls

alight on fresh snow


Billie Wilson

Juneau, Alaska



the long stride

of a stranger’s walk

autumn sky


Roland Packer

Hamilton, Canada



dark spots

in the honesty pods—

looming rain


John Barlow

Liverpool, United Kingdom



summer solstice

the backyard venus

knee-deep in weeds


Roland Packer

Hamilton, Canada


SENRYU   (Judge: Carlos Colón)



First Place  ($100)


family secrets

the shape

of a popped kernel


Carolyn Hall

San Francisco, California




Honorable Mentions (ranked)



we pray a split second

after the priest


John Barlow

Liverpool, United Kingdom



end of summer

press one

to confirm


John Stevenson,

Nassau, New York



from bee sting

to emergency room

six stop lights


Carolyn Hall

San Francisco, California





TANKA   (Judge:  Pamela Miller Ness)


First Place  ($100)


even this

late in the season

seeds sprout

the first tiny leaves

almost always in pairs


Cherie Hunter Day

San Diego, California





Honorable Mention (unranked)


Sunday sermon

advising us to exceed

our limitations

a child in the next pew

colors outside the lines


Yvonne Hardenbrook

Columbus, Ohio



selecting a flavor

I’ve never had before,


that will be my mood today,

the hottest of the year


Michael McClintock

Fresno, California



         first date—

      at the Drive-In

    a bag of popcorn

         between them

all those unpopped kernels


Margaret Chula

Portland, Oregon



RENGAY   (Judge:  Michael Dylan Welch)


First Place  ($100)  


Only Words


poem idea

on a napkin

in lipstick                                        Carolyne Rohrig, Fremont CA


note of condolence

run-on sentence                              Marco Fraticell, Pointe Claire, Quebec, Canada



 her phone card

 on my dresser                                Carolyne



 my initials

only                                                  Marco


under his sleeve

concentration camp number            Carolyne


writer's block

 the moth

circles my lamp                              Marco




Second Place  ($50)  




 by and 

100-year storm--

an antique toy

tangled in driftwood                       Billie Wilson, Juneau, AK


the empty perfume bottle

still full of her scent                       Carolyn Hall, San Francisco, CA


blue velvet--

memories of that Paris night

you walked away                           Billie


chill in the air

pebbles from Delphi

in my coat pocket                          Carolyn


dying embers--

echoes from the shaman's drum     



such soft rain--

new leaves on the ancient oak

begin to unfurl                                 Carolyn




Third Place  ($30)  


Loose Ends


the wee hours

weaving loose ends

into my knitting                        Pamela Miller Ness, New York, NY


beneath the comforter

the argument continues            Carolyn Hall, San Francisco, CA


frosted panes--

in my hair the grey streak

mother always wanted            Pamela


unlabeled tintypes

in the family album

drifting snow                        Carolyn


from an old flame

an unexpected letter            Pamela


velvet jewel box

just one of the pair

of heirloom combs               Carolyn

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