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HAIKU  (Judge: Jerry Kilbride)


First Place  ($100)


new snow

the arc

the door makes


            John Stevenson  (Ithaca NY)


Second Place  ($50)


overnight rain

a reflection by the runway



            Ernest Berry  (Picton, New Zealand)


Third Place  ($25)


tree-filled swamp . . .

the silent air

its own shade of green


            Anne LB Davidson  (Saco ME)


Honorable Mentions (in ranked order)


evoking clusters

of algebraic symbols

smell of tangerine


            Patricia Machmiller  (San Jose CA)


table for one—

the candle flickers

in an abalone shell


            D. Claire Gallagher  (Sunnyvale CA)


summer’s end

   he refuses



            Francine Porad  (Mercer Island WA)


bamboo whisk . . .

the tea master’s

fluid hands


            Pamela Babusci  (Rochester NY)


SENRYU  (Judge: w. f. owen)


First Place (tie)  $50 each



the checker asks me to slide

my card more slowly


            Rich Krivcher  (Citrus Heights CA)


Japantown shop

the identical bellies

of Buddha and Santa


            D. Claire Gallagher  (Sunnyvale CA)


Honorable Mentions (Unranked)


uncle’s trophy wife—

the slices of mango

rimmed with green


            D. Claire Gallagher  (Sunnyvale CA)


body work—

the crucifix gleaming

on the mechanic’s chest


            D. Claire Gallagher  (Sunnyvale CA)


rewound movie

she sleeps

through it again


            Carlos Colon  (Shreveport LA)



for the kid

chosen last


            John Stevenson  (Ithaca NY)



TANKA  (Judge: Cherie Hunter Day)


First Place  ($100)


this suicide—

that it was my brother

and not me

    the cast iron skillet

    becomes a mirror


            Ebba Story  (San Francisco CA)


Honorable Mentions (Ranked)



this wild strawberry—

I think of him

not entirely

without guilt


            D. Claire Gallagher  (Sunnyvale CA)


Spring meadow—

she want me to write

a poem for her now

& not worry I might

write a better one later

                        (for Pat Shelley)


            John Stevenson  (Ithaca NY)

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