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HAIKU     (Judge: Yvonne Hardenbrook)


First Place ($100)


almost dawn

cupped in the curve of the moon

the rest of the moon


            Christopher Herold  (Port Townsend WA)


Second Place  ($50)


Autumn begins

leaves follow me

into the shed


            Garry Gay  (Santa Rosa CA)


Third Place  ($25)


squash blossom

just enough dew

to cool my face


            June Moreau  (Lexington MA)


Honorable Mentions (in rank order)


cruising osprey

how easily she slips

into dusk


            Ernest J. Berry  (Picton, New Zealand)


chimney smoke

moonlight changing directions

with the wind


            Christopher Herold  (Port Townsend WA)


summer veranda

low night voices slip into

rocking chair rhythms


            Patricia Neubauer   (Allentown PA)




SENRYU   (Judge: Carolyn Talmadge)



First Place  ($100)


piano lesson . . .

her braids outdo

the metronome


            Peggy Willis Lyles  (Tucker GA)



Honorable Mentions (unranked)


zen monk

adjusting the mike

on his robes


            Paula Bakalar  (San Rafael CA)


the rabbi rides

a three-wheeled motorcycle

signed “the kosher hog”


            Jean Rhodes  (Mill Valley CA)


for her solo

the flautist’s nipples

stand up


            Jim Kacian  (Winchester VA)




TANKA   (Judge: Fay Aoyagi)



First Place  ($100)


autumn rain

begins to fall . . .

an eviction notice

blows from somewhere

down the street


            Michael Dylan Welch  (Foster City CA)


Honorable Mentions (in rank order)


no letter from her

in months—

I gaze at the open space

where the old poplar

used to sway


            Michael Dylan Welch  (Foster City CA)


watching my son

amuse himself in the snow

I recall the intersection

where I once directed

make-believe traffic


            Joann Klontz  (Swedesboro NJ)



and orthodontia

      I strain

   to recognize

     my sister


Yvonne Hardenbrook  (Columbus OH)




RENGAY     (Judges: Helen K. Davie and Rich Krivcher)


(Note: No first place was awarded)


First Honorable Mention  (tie)  ($50)






the creak of spruce branches



polished by hiking boots

knotted root in the trail


deep woods—

moss carpet and the bones

of a snowshoe hare


losing my self

the rustle  the rain

of dry fir needles


the path overgrown

with oxalix


dusky light—

whispers under the redwood

from the map she folds


            Cherie Hunter Day

            D. Claire Gallagher



First Honorable Mention  (tie)  ($50)






across a rutted fire road

puff of thistledown


the drake’s head nestled

on his own feather pillow


slicing the apples—

another short pause

to talk with her hands


on the clothesline

lacy underthings

awash with moonlight


the dream, whatever it was,

has become this frog chorus


rustle in the canopy—

flutter-down leaves

trace the river’s currents


            Alice Benedict

            Carolyn Hall 



Second Honorable Mention





sand crab

hiding in the crack

between my hands


blue June sky through

stilled wings of a dragonfly


on the path

the pond where no frog

jumps in


summer becalmed

dying leaf falling gently

into its shadow


what is it—gone

in the rustle of leaves


not a ripple

disturbs the silent descent

of the moon


            Leatrice Lifschitz

            Anne French

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