HAIKU   (Judge: Laurie W. Stoelting)



First Place  ($100)



the thermometer climbs

all night


            Carolyn Hall  (San Francisco CA)


Second Place  ($50)


morning rain—

an egg for my father

spreads in the skillet


            Timothy Russell  (Toronto OH)


Third Place  ($25)


pear slice falling

to the kitchen floor

pale moonlight


            paul m.  (San Francisco CA)


Honorable Mentions (unranked)



hearing the sound of

mother’s sandals


            joan iversen goswell  (Valencia PA)


childhood home

my concrete footprints

go nowhere


            Ernest J. Berry  (Picton, New Zealand)


cloudless sky

she cranks up

the big white umbrellas


            Carolyn Hall  (San Francisco CA)



SENRYU   (Judge: Paul O. Williams)


First Place  ($100)


open-air T’ai Chi –

the occasional clearing

of a raven’s throat


            D. Claire Gallagher  (Sunnyvale CA)


Honorable Mentions (unranked)


second heart attack

   he’s careful now

hiding the polish sausage


            Kay F. Anderson  (Redwood City CA)


moving day

again, I pack the china

we never use


            Geri Barton  (Levittown NY)


nude beach—

the crowd around

the dead whale


            Michael Dylan Welch  (Foster City CA)



TANKA   (Judge: Ebba Story)

First Place


alone with no moon

water-doused embers out

eyes closed . . .  I drift . . .

            in the dark within the dark

            I see your bright face smiling


            David Rice  (Berkeley CA)


Honorable Mentions (unranked)


floating moon

all night  your radiance

blinded me & yet at dawn

how crystalline the dew

on the chrysanthemums


            Pamela A. Babusci  (Rochester NY)


they say it has

as many seeds

as a human

has bones—

the shattered pomegranate


            Veronica Johnston  (San Francisco CA)


whirlwinds of wisteria


among last fall’s leaves . . .

my daughter’s friends share a joke

I don’t understand


            Linda Jeanette Ward  (Coinjock NC)

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