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HAIKU    (Judge: Billie Wilson)


First Place ($100)



     one bumblebee

   deepens the hum


               Ernest J. Berry

               Picton, New Zealand


Second Place  ($50)


weathered bench—

I open my palms

to the winter sky


D. Claire Gallagher

Sunnyvale, CA


Third Place  ($25)


hollow center

of the raspberry—

Mother's silence


D. Claire Gallagher

Sunnyvale, CA


Honorable Mentions (ranked)


ouija board evening—

through the trees

a window of sky


Carolyn Hall

San Francisco, CA


cold morning

the saw's song changes

in the heartwood


Jim Kacian

Winchester, VA


the shadow

bigger than the pebble…

hunter's moon


Josh Wikoff

             Petaluma, CA


second miscarriage—

chalk flowers dissolve

in a late spring rain


John Thompson

Santa Rosa, CA



SENRYU   (Judge: Roberta Beary)



First Place  ($100)


after the dentist

prying open

the oyster


               Bill Pauly

               Dubuque, Iowa


(Instead selecting Second Place and Third Place, the judge selected Ranked Honorable Mentions and Unranked Honorable Mentions)



Honorable Mentions (ranked)



see how she tip-toes

over the moon


    Ernest J. Berry

               Picton, New Zealand



passing the cream puffs

the guest of honor full

of herself


 Francine Banwarth

              Dubuque, Iowa


Honorable Mentions (unranked)



almost forgotten

the old me


Roland Packer

Hamilton, Ontario


my death poem


I carry on


Scott Mason

Chappaqua, New York


tax deadline

everybody says

it's nice outside


John Stevenson

Nassau, New York


TANKA   (Judge:  Ellen Compton)


First Place  ($100)



of the same old thoughts…

the scrape

of eucalyptus leaves

on the peeling wall


John Barlow

Waterloo, United Kingdom



(No Second Place and Third Place)



Honorable Mention (unranked)


in a voice

soft as light

cast by embers of pine

she reads from a book of moons

to a child no longer there


Linda Jeannette Ward

Coinjock, NC


autumn afternoon

we keep our distance

in dappled light

talking about the life

we haven’t shared


Sylvia Forges-Ryan

North Haven, CT


alone by choice

this autumn evening

a grebe arcs

across the reservoir

the sunset in its wake


John Barlow

Waterloo, United Kingdom



RENGAY   (Judge:  Cherie Hunter Day)


First Place  ($100)  



Sixth Sense 


the baby’s eyes

change color

with the sky                                          Tom Clausen, Ithaca, NY


        loud train horn—

        ice crystals hang in the air            Michael Dylan Welch, Sammamish, WA


three-cheese lasagna—

a bit of garlic stuck

to the pulled-out hair                           Tom


at the seaside museum

the sample otter skin

worn bare                                             Michael


        parking lot’s fresh blacktop

        simmers in the sun                       Tom


Peter and the Wolf—

my toddler’s eyes

opening wider                                      Michael


Second Place   ($50)






moss thickens

on the sundial                                      Billie Wilson, Juneau, AK


the web returns to stillness

winter fly                                             Carolyn Hall, San Francisco, CA


eight names for the wind—

a crumbling compass rose

on his gravestone                                 Billie


Hunter’s Moon

white tails of the deer

bound into the woods                          Carolyn        


dark shadows—

an owl circles its prey                          Billie


rustling corn stalks—

again she enters

the labyrinth                                        Carolyn




Third Place   ($30)




this box of fabrics

no one wanted when Grandma died…

last leaves falling                                   Helen K. Davie, Templeton, CA


    faded, a rainbow quilt

    the color of her hair                          Lynne Leach, Kentfield, CA


the hushed snip-snip

of scissors cutting cloth—

puddles dimple again                            Helen



     needlepoints of light

     melt into midnight blue                    Lynne


binding the layers together

a trail of tiny stitches                             Helen


     so tight this last thread…

     on his bed a new comforter

     in case he comes home                    Lynne

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