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HAIKU     (Judge:  paul m.)


First Place ($100)


a phoebe’s erratic flight

this canoe trip

won’t settle anything


Laurie Stoelting  (Mill Valley CA)


Second Place  ($50)


autumn sunset

the wake of a tugboat

sloshes ashore


            Christopher Herold  (Port Townsend WA)


Third Place ($25)


Indian summer

rust on our hands

from the swing


            w. f. owen  (Antelope CA)


Honorable Mentions (unranked):


year end—

a trail of footprints crosses

the old pond


            Timothy Russell  (Toronto OH)


first snow

some time left

on the parking meter


            John Stevenson  (Nassau NY)


SENRYU     (Judge: John Stevenson)


First Place ($100)



in the vinegar bottle



            Evelyn Hermann (Mill Valley CA)


Honorable Mentions (unranked)


      3-block Main Street

the waitress asks if we want



            D. Claire Gallagher  (Sunnyvale CA)


tourists talking

in several languages—

the glassblower exhales


            Michael Dylan Welch  (Sammamish WA)


TANKA     (Judge: Lynne Leach)


First Place ($100)


absurd no doubt

letting my day be shadowed

by a novel’s gloom

   as if a neighbor’s tree

   had dropped an earlier twilight


            Carol Purington  (Colrain MA)


Honorable Mentions (unranked)


for breakfast

I’ll give you bread

but for the afternoon

please carry the worms

and let’s go fishing


            Michael McClintock (Ssouth Pasadena CA)


keening winds . . .

leaves are dust in chimney pots

webs shiver stone to stone

where are you as yet unmet

or brushing past, unknown?


            Nancy Stewart Smith  (Athens (GA)


from The Wall

Down the valley of shadows

that pour into your name

a tiny snail

leaves a trail soft as tears


            Linda Jeanette Ward  (Coinjock NC)



RENGAY     (Judge: Paul Watsky)


First Place  ($100)




autumn rain—

the blurred view

from the hilltop castle            


            umbrellas sold out

            a shower of cherry blossoms


distant siren…

an unexpected drizzle

mists my sunglasses



a dog’s black coat



            cloudburst ends

            the little girl’s tantrum



over the meadow

where we used to picnic




Michael Dylan Welch

Ikuyo Yoshimura



Second Place




commuter train

tantalizing headlines

two rows ahead


            a valentine’s day bouquet

            perfurmes our trolley


uptown bus

the pickpocket courteously

offers me his seat


            leaving the station—

            the conductor’s ticket punch

            glints at her waist


from the knapsack in his lap

a muffled meow


            clack of the rails…

            meadowlarks on a fence

            whisk past the window


                        Carolyn Hall

                        Ebba Story




Third Place




alfresco art class

clouds sweep across

every canvas


lingering light—

the nude model’s charcoal smudge


a chalk outline

on the asphalt—

hot summer night


thin moon—

an unfinished sculpture

gathers dust


Venus in Aquarius—

her mood darkens


street signs

blackened with graffiti—

we drive toward the dawn


            Carolyn Hall

            Billie Wilson




Honorable Mentions




May Day

a cloud of mosquitoes

rings the sapling


family get-together

mayonnaise or Miracle Whip?


a little blond girl

leads the boys in a game

Mother, May I?


maple tree shade

grandma’s arms circle

my child


high-stepping through grass

future majorette


maze of stars—

silver streamers glitter

on her tambourine


            Michael L. Evans

            Connie Donleycott






winter dusk

the trolley doors close

between us


as if she will return…

her unmade bed


break in the clouds

twigs unravel from

the fallen nest


cracking walnuts—

the crooked part

in grandmother’s hair


a sea cliff’s widening rift

above the fault line


granite gravestone—

beside his name

a space for hers


            Ebba Story

            Carolyn Hall







another birthday…

overpriced cheesecake

at the neon-lit diner


            the rapper’s sneakers

            flash at each step


red light—

a streetwalker whispers

hello there…


Club 69—

the stretch limo

turns on a blinker


            drunken girls

            waving glowsticks


a taxi home—

Broadway lights

dimmed for Hepburn


            Brian Tasker

            Maichael Dylan Welch

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