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HAIKU    (Judge: George Swede)


First Place ($100)


old steeple

a turban of pigeons

unwinds the hour

               Beverly A. Tift



Second Place  ($50)



the tube of cadmium yellow

squeezed flat


               D. Claire Gallagher



Third Place  ($25)



     spring rain

the chameleon busy

      being green

               Earnest J. Berry


Honorable Mentions (unranked)


road flares…

against the bent guardrail

an unknown flower


               Scott Mason


late afternoon—

cows’ udders

graze the ground


               Margaret Chula



SENRYU   (Judge: Standord M. Forrester)



First Place  ($100)


how heavy

the empty can

of Slim-Fast


               Carlos Colôn


Honorable Mentions (unranked)


the waterfall—

a tourist can’t stop



               Evelyn H. Hermann



nursing home

my father

the way I left him


               Tom Painting



carrying a pencil

into the zendo—

no point to it


               Minna Lerman




her signature

the newlywed


               Andrè Surridge



TANKA   (Judge:  Michael McClintock)


First Place  ($100)



for a meal I’ll eat


I decide to let loose

my hair.


               Pamela Miller Ness



Honorable Mentions (unranked)





the inner voice

I rarely hear


               Jeanne Emrich



. . . you and I

in Vienna when the sky

split stars

and the Ferris wheel spun

out of control . . .


               Pamella Miller Ness



gathering leaves

to make a necklace

I wonder, where is she now

the woman who told me

I have all the talent in the world


               Jeanne Emrich



as I sit here

taking in the river view

I see my feelings for this life

quite like the trees

leaning slightly downstream


               Tom Clausen





First Place  ($100)  


A Hint of Blue


gentle breezes

ruffle the ragged edges

of the iris                                              Hortensia Anderson


the wild lilac shows

just a hint of blue                                 Carole Macrury


by dyeing’s end,

the indigo vat takes on

a copper sheen                                      Hortensia


chasing clouds

in a sapphire gin

a dash of bitters                                   Carole


sweet and soulful—

the sax shifts to B minor                      Hortensia


navy uniform—

one last dance before

he ships out                                          Carole



Second Place 


Idlers in the Gallery



its cut-glass vase

La Farge’s magnolia                            Pamela Miller Ness


Homer’s croquet player

hides a ball with her skirt                     Michael Dylan Welch


strewn across

her studio table

Nell Blaine’s turnips                            Pamela


the unused pencils …

Jacob Lawrence grins

in his self-portrait                                 Michael


gathering hollyhocks

Frieseke’s woman in blue                     Pamela


to the porch born …

the precise signature

on Blum’s two idlers                            Michael



Third Place 


more of her cleavage


fresh spring salad

a ladybug climbs out

of the tomato                                       Carolyne Rohrig


at the dignitaries’ banquet

his debut as pastry chef                       Carolyn Hall


cello recital

with every higher note

more of her cleavage                            Carolyne


stand-up comic—

a gig on the Borscht Belt

just to get more exposure                     Carolyn


their Polaroid kiss

comes into view                                   Carolyne


open chrysalis

a monarch

dries its wings                                      Carolyn




First Honorable Mention


A Spider in the Words


chasing flies

with a pulp magazine—

Sunday noon                                        Max Verhart


New York Times puzzle—

a spider in the words                            Betty Kaplan


reading in bed—

the irritating buzz-buzz

of a mosquito                                       Max


love letters

hidden in the basement—

out comes a beetle                                Betty


world poetry anthology

the woodworm went through it all      Max


evening hours

in the library—

a cockroach roams                                Betty




Second Honorable Mention


Ruby Lip Pring


hand-written letter

she signs her love

with a ruby lip print                             Carolyne Rohrig



snow angel wingtips

just barely touching                             Carolyn Hall


after last night—

“Marry Me?” etched

in the car’s frosted windshield             Carolyne


border crossing

another exotic stamp

in their passports                                  Carolyn


into the flower press

lady slippers side by side                     Carolyne



birth announcements embossed

with silver spoons                                Carolyn

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